oriental music summeracademy

Aoud, frame drums, nay and kanun are main instruments of the Arabic music culture. Together with Arabic singing, the whole spectrum of Arabic music will be covered. It is the aim of this project to offer to the students the possibility discover Arabic culture, especially the music culture. With the help of the 7 teachers, who are all well experienced and with one exception all coming from Arabic countries not only the teaching of the single instruments is on the program. Arabic music theory and ensemble work is offered, to open up more this interesting culture, which coming more close to Europe.
Not only the music teaching may be of interest to come to Badenweiler. Badenweiler is placed at the boarder of the black forest between Freiburg (35 Km) and Bale/suiss (45 Km) and the Alsace (60Km). Already the romans lived here and left a bath for the hot sources. Today we have here a modern bath for the thermal spring, the Cassiopeia.

The organisation of the KunstPalais will be happy to welcome you.
Yours Matthias Wagner

The oriental music summeracademy Badenweiler 2013 is supported by:

Kultusministerium Baden Württemberg - Innovationsfonds Kunst Baden Württembeg Stiftung, Wir stiften Zukunft